Developer GuideΒΆ

This guide describes important aspects of software development processes used by the Axom project. It does not contain information about building the code or coding guidelines. Please see the note below.

This development guide is intended for all team members and contributors. It is especially helpful for individuals who are less familiar with the project and wish to understand how the team works. We attempt to employ simple practices that are easy to understand and follow and which improve our software without being overly burdensome. We believe that when everyone on our team follows similar practices, the likelihood that our software will be high quality (i.e., robust, correct, easy to use, etc.) is improved. Everyone who contributes to Axom should be aware of and follow these guidelines.

We also believe that the benefits of uniformity and rigor are best balanced with allowances for individual preferences, which may work better in certain situations. Therefore, we do not view these processes as fixed for all time. They should evolve with project needs and be improved when it makes sense. Changes should be agreed to by team members after assessing their merits using our collective professional judgment. When changes are made, this guide should be updated accordingly.


This document does not describe how to configure and build the Axom code, or discuss Axom coding guidelines. For information on those topics please refer to the following documents: Axom Quickstart Guide, Axom Coding Guide.