Inlet User Guide


Inlet, and this guide, is under heavy development.

Inlet, named because it provides a place of entry, is a C++ library that provides an easy way to read, store, and access input files for computer simulations in a variety of input languages.

API Documentation

Doxygen generated API documentation can be found here: API documentation


Inlet provides an easy and extensible way to handle input files for simulation code. We provide Lua functionality but any language can be used via an inherited Reader class. Inlet is used to define the structure of the information expected in your input file. That data is then read via a Reader class into the Sidre Datastore. You can then verify that the input file met your criteria and use that information later in your code.


  • Sidre - Inlet stores all data from the input file in the Sidre DataStore
  • (Optional) Lua - Inlet provides a Lua reader class that assists in Lua input files