Miscellaneous Development Items

This section describes various development tasks that need to be performed at times and which are not covered in other sections.

Web Documentation

Axom web-based documentation is hosted on our Read the Docs project. Multiple versions are visible there, including the latest content on the develop branch (latest) and the main branch (main). The documentation that appears is automatically re-generated each time a change is pushed to a branch in the GitHub repository that is enabled to be displayed on the Read the Docs project. If you are modifying Axom documentation, you can enable the branch you are working on so that you can see what it looks like as you push changes to the branch. If your documentation changes are part of a GitHub pull request, it is a good idea to enable the documentation for that branch and put a link to it in the pull request summary. This makes it easy for reviewers to check over your changes.


When you no longer need the documentation of your branch to be visible on Read the Docs (e.g., your pull request is merged), please disable that branch on Read the Docs.

Code Health Tools

This section describes how to run code health tools we use.

Code Coverage

Setting up and running code coverage analysis…

Static Analysis

Setting up and running static analysis tools….

Memory Checking

Setting up and running memory checking tools….