The Code

Our Git repository contains the Axom source code, documentation, test suites and all files and scripts used for configuring and building the code. The repository lives in our Github repository.

We use Github for issue tracking. Please report issues, feature requests, etc. there or send email to the Axom development team.

Getting the Code

Access to our repository and Atlassian tools requires membership in the LC group axom. If you’re not in the group, please send email to ‘’ and request to be added.

SSH keys

If you have not used Github before, you should start by creating and adding your SSH keys to Github. Github provides a good tutorial. Performing these two simple steps will make it easier for you to interact with our Git repository without having to repeatedly enter login credentials.

Cloning the repo

To clone the repo into your local working space, type the following:

$ git clone --recursive

Important notes:

  • You don’t need to remember the URL for the Axom repo above. It can be found by going to the Axom repo on our Github project and clicking on the ‘Clone or download’ button that is on the upper right of the Axom Github page.

  • The --recursive argument above is needed to pull in Axom’s submodules. This includes our data directory, which is used for testing, as well as our build system called BLT, a standalone product that lives in its own repository. Documentation for BLT can be found here.

  • If you forget to pass the --recursive argument to the git clone command, the following commands can be typed after cloning:

    $ cd axom
    $ git submodule init
    $ git submodule update

Repository Layout

If you need to look through the repository, this section explains how it is organized. If you do not need this information and just want to build the code, please continue on to the next section.

The top-level Axom directory contains the following directories:

The optional axom_data submodule is cloned here.

Detailed configuration information for platforms and compilers we support.

See Host-config files for more information.

Scripts that we maintain to simplify development and usage tasks

The bulk of the repo contents.

Within the src directory, you will find the following directories:

Directories for individual Axom components (see below)

Axom’s build system lives here.

The BLT submodule is cloned into the blt subdirectory.

General Axom documentation files
Example programs that utilize Axom in their build systems
Built-in third party libraries with tests to ensure they are built properly.

In the axom directory, you will find a directory for each of the Axom components. Although there are dependencies among them, each is developed and maintained in a largely self-contained fashion. Axom component dependencies are essentially treated as library dependencies. Each component directory contains subdirectories for the component header and implementation files, as well as user documentation, examples and tests.