Combiner Class

The Combiner class is an abstract base class that defines the interface for all Combiner classes. Concrete instances need to inherit from this class and implement these functions to be used when Message classes are combined by the Lumberjack class.


Name Description
id Returns the unique differentiating identifier for the class instance.
shouldMessagesBeCombined Indicates if two messages should be combined.
combine Combines the second message into the first.

Concrete Instances


This Combiner combines the two given Messages if the Message text strings are equal. It does so by adding the second Message’s ranks to the first Message (if not past the ranksLimit) and incrementing the Message’s count as well. This is handled by Message.addRanks().


This is the only Combiner automatically added to Lumberjack for you. You can remove it by calling Lumberjack::removeCombiner(“TextEqualityCombiner”).