1 Changing Existing Code

Follow existing code style

1.1 When modifying existing code, the style conventions already in use in each file must be followed unless the scope of changes makes sense (see next item). This is not intended to stifle personal creativity - mixing style is disruptive and may cause confusion for users and fellow developers.

1.2 When making stylistic changes to existing code, those changes should extend to a point where the style is consistent across a reasonable scope. This may mean that an entire file is changed to prevent multiple conflicting styles.

Only change code from other sources when it makes sense

1.3 The Axom project may contain code pulled in from sources outside Axom. These guidelines apply to code developed within Axom primarily. The decision to modify externally-developed code that we pull into Axom will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Modifying such code to be compliant with these guidelines should typically be done only if a significant rewrite is undertaken for other reasons.