Message Class

The Message class holds the information about a single message or multiple messages that were combined via a Combiner instance.


The Message class contains the following information. All fields have their respective getters and setters.

Name Description
text Contents of the message
ranks Truncated list of where the message originated
count Total count of how many individual messages occurred
fileName File name that generated the message
lineNumber Line number that generated the message
level Message severity (error, warning, debug, etc.)
tag Tag for showing what part of the code generated the message


The Message class also contains the following helper functions to ease use of the class.

Name Description
stringOfRanks Returns a string of the ranks
pack Returns a packed version of all the message’s information
unpack Takes a packed message and overwrites all the message’s information
addRank Add a rank to the message to the given limit
addRanks Add ranks to the message to the given limit