Inlet has built-in support for three input file languages: JSON, Lua, and YAML. Due to language features, not all readers support all Inlet features. Below is a table that lists supported features:

Table 13 Supported Language Features
Primitive Types bool, double, int, string bool, double, int, string bool, double, int, string
Dictionaries X X X
Arrays X X X
Non-contiguous Arrays   X  
Mixed-typed key Arrays   X  
Callback Functions   X  

Extra Lua functionality

Inlet opens four Lua libraries by default: base, math, string, package. All libraries are documented here.

For example, you can add the io library by doing this:

  // Create Inlet Reader that supports Lua input files
  auto lr = std::make_unique<axom::inlet::LuaReader>();

  // Load extra io Lua library

  // Parse example input string